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On behalf of FHWA and Every Day Counts (EDC), the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has developed a series of training webinars on slide-in bridge construction (SIBC), a term more commonly known as “lateral slide”. The purpose of this training is to help individuals and organizations with little or no experience in SIBC get started in implementing this Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technology.

This training series addresses three different perspectives:

  • Owners/Policy Makers
  • Engineers/Designers
  • Contractors/Construction

The 2013-2015 schedule for this training series includes presentation of the Owner webinar twice, and the Engineering and the Construction webinars three times. Each webinar will include a mix of examples and case studies from across the nation, with new speakers and case studies presented each time.

See below for a listing of upcoming webinars. To register, simply click the corresponding "Register" button and fill out the form.

Recordings of the already completed webinars can be watched from the Resources page. The Resources page includes PDFs of the presentation slides, videos, and other related materials that can be downloaded, along with links to other related websites. Additionally, online training modules to supplement the webinar training series are currently under construction.

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